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  • Building Remodel Update

    Many of you may be curious to know just how your designated gifts for Building & Grounds and the loan funds have been and will be utilized.

    Lets start with a recap of what has been accomplished thus far:

    Insurance covered the replacement of our roof that had sustained both hail and wind damage over several years; as well as replacing the fascia, gutters and down spouts.  In addition to the replacement of an air conditioning unit for Fellowship Hall that had sustained hail damage.  Because the associated furnace with that air conditioning unit required older style Freon and was difficult to come by, the insurance company agreed to replace the furnace as well.

    B&G committee considered the age of the other furnace and air conditioning unit for the Kitchen and after consulting with the HVAC company decided to combine and replace both units with one larger furnace and air conditioner to heat and cool both the Kitchen and Gymnasium.  The one replacement set should be completely covered by insurance.

    B&G determined that changing colors for our shingled roof to a darker color enhanced the appearance of the building; and in so doing changing the color of the fascia, gutters and downspouts to a dark color was also imperative to update the overall appearance of the facilities.  While all of that was covered by insurance with no additional cost for the color change, it did make us aware that leaving a white soffit on some portions of the south and east side detracted from the other improvements; so, we elected to change out the white soffit to match the darker fascia, gutters and downspout at an additional charge that should be substantially reduced by credits from our roofing contractor.  Actual cost is still to be determined.

    Currently the Main Office furnace and air conditioning unit have been replaced, the west entrance to Fellowship Hall has had new insulated doors and frame to replace the older uninsulated glass and frame that did not meet code requirements for a crash bar emergency release.  The west doors to the Vestibule of the main entrance have also been replaced and upgraded because the crash bars failed to meet code and could no longer be fixed.

    The south and east parking areas were completely ripped out and the soil recompacted with some soil being removed. The existing asphalt was deteriorating and developing holes, cracks and settling, allowing the weeds to proliferate.  Concrete drives and parking areas have improved the overall appearance of the property.  In addition the 2nd Street approach was replaced and widened to the full width of the east parking area and a approach on the west side next to the alley was added.  The alley approach was done at the same time which the City of North Platte paid for.  After the paving was completed we hired a contractor to seal with tar the expansion joints and then add handicap and other parking stripes as well as sidewalk striping on the south side.

    We are in the process of replacing and adding new LED Security Light around the exterior of the building.  This should help to eliminate some of the darker areas around the church.  We are also changing out some of the Foyer bulbs to LED bulbs.

    Six new Security Cameras are in the process of being installed to monitor activity both inside and outside of the building.

    We have ordered and are waiting on the installation of new insulated windows, doors and frames to the east Foyer entry and the Ramp Entry.  These insulated, tinted glass and frames should make our Foyer more energy efficient.

    Once the new doors are installed we will need to key all of the new locks the same and are considering adding a keypad entry system to the Fellowship Hall doors and possibly the Kitchen entry door.  By doing so we hope to eliminate the cost of making and keeping track of numerous keys.  This should allow us to provide those people that need access to the building an access code.

    We currently have plans to enclose under the ramp as an area to store the mower, snowblower and various other supplies.  We will also be installing new fencing to replace the old fence along the east property line and around our trash bins.

    In the spring we hope to remove the concrete patios, the sidewalks from the Fellowship Hall, Vestibule and Downstair entries and the portion along the west side of Fellowship Hall.  Once removed we plan to install underground gutter drains to a central drainage pit filled with sand and then covered back over.  We are also considering adding a water system off of the existing sprinkler system to water the brick flower boxes on the west side of Fellowship Hall.  Once this is done we will have the contractor come back in and pour new sidewalks out to the wye in the sidewalk.  Keep in mind this could take several weeks to accomplish and would require us to utilize the east entrance primarily for several weeks.

    Once the sidewalks are completed we hope to install the landscaping block between the main entry doors and possibly add some shrubbery to enhance the appearance.

    In the future we have hopes of updating the Restrooms and possibly replacing some carpet.  A new computer system is also on slate at some point.  If money allows there are certainly other improvements we can and will try to make.

    Thank You for your selfless giving and most importantly your prayers for wisdom to be good and faithful stewards of God's money.   Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


    Building & Grounds Committee

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