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  • Nebraska Flooding Update

    The flooding response in now at a Level IV, which means we are bringing in a National Incident Command, probably in Fremont, NE.  This will be a long-term response that could possibly go months, and we need your help.

    We shall need people to serve in the following areas:

    1. Mud Out
    2. Feeding
    3. Shower
    4. Laundry
    5. Assessment
    6. Chaplain

    We can do On the Job Training for newbies.

    Right now we have six major areas we will be concentrating on:

    1. Northeast, NE (Bristow and surrounding communities)  We are working on a staging area for this location.  Omaha's Shower and Laundry Unit have been deployed to a Shelter in Bristow.  I believe most of the communities there are without water.  We have a Shower Unit at Northern Heights Baptist Church in Norfolk, which is our closest SBC church, but it is 1.5 to 2 hours away.  We are hoping to get a Mud Out Unit out of Texas to respond to this location next week.

    2. Fremont, NE.  This is where we will be setting up a staging area and National Incident Command Center. We are looking at placing  lodging only at the NorthPark Church located on W. Military Ave, with support being at a different location.  Missouri is sending us two Shower/Laundry Units for Fremont.  Currently there is only one way into and out of Fremont.  The waters have started to recede in some areas, not so much in other areas.

    3. The Valley area West of Omaha.  Lots of flooding there, and waters haven't receded much yet.  We might possibly stage out of Westside Church on W. Dodge Rd, or perhaps at the Association Office on Center Street.  Numerous communities have been inundated in this valley area.

    4. Columbus, NE.  I drove through there yesterday.  Roads are being opened up, though some are still partially destroyed.  Initial Reports from Columbus is that there are homes that were flooded, but the numbers are not very high.

    5. South of Bellevue, NE.  We are getting reports of widespread flooding here, though we have not made confirmations yet.  Possible staging areas would be LifeSpring Church in Bellevue, or the Association Office in Omaha.

    6. We are still monitoring activity along the Missouri into Kansas.  The crest from this most recent incident is still traveling south along the Missouri so we may get reports of more flooding in Kansas.  There have been very bad flooding in SW Iowa, where we deployed a Mud Out Unit earlier in Hornick.  Hamburg is basically under water.  There have also been reports of flooding in NW Missouri.  I'll strive to keep you informed.

    Assessors are needed right now.  Most efforts will start in earnest on Monday March 25th.  

    If you are able to serve please contact Janettte Payne (OTBA disaster relief coordinator) @ jpayne791@gmail.com or cell 308-627-2107 or Pastor Ryan.

   March 2019